Commercial Vinyl, Ceramic, Vct and Terrazzo Floor Stripping, Waxing and Maintenance

Commercial Floor MaintenanceUpon stripping and refinishing of your flooring the manufacturers recommend an ongoing maintenance program. Your flooring is designed and manufactured with this in mind. Your flooring must have regular professional attention. Whether it is done in-house or by AMERI-CLEAN, it simply must be done.

The following is a description of manufacturers’ recommendations for maintaining the life and shine of your commercial flooring:

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  1. The most cost effective way to maintain your flooring is by a process known as a monthly machine scrubbing followed by recoating (or scrub and recoat). This is done by a thorough sweeping and dust mopping of the floor followed by a machine cleaning with a specific product formulated for this purpose. This will thoroughly clean the floor finish without removing it. Following the machine cleaning, the floor is then triple rinsed followed by an application of one coat of SC Johnson floor finish. The type of floor finish depends on your specific needs. This process needs to be performed a minimum of once per month. Your situation may require more than this process alone.
  2. If your situation calls for more than the minimum, the next step above the monthly scrub and recoat is to do a bi-monthly scrub and recoat. This will provide substantially more cleaning and protection for your flooring without severely increasing your costs.
  3. If your situation calls for something even more specialized, a customized floor maintenance program can be designed for you. Many medical, retail and high-end office buildings require more than the minimum manufacturers’ requirements. Yours may be more of a high speed type of program. For these situations we can combine various types of floor finish along with daily or weekly burnishing services, scrubbing and recoating and restoring.

AMERI-CLEAN has all of the equipment and expertise necessary to accommodate any and all of your needs.

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